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Adura Max Regency Gilded Gold

Adura Max Regency Gilded Gold$5.99 Sq.Ft.

Due to product availability at this time, this product may not be immediately available for you. Please check with us before you place your order.

Descriptions: Capturing the elegant timeless look of White Oak Regency Gilded Gold can elevate any interior with its sophisticated visual. By combining a simple cerusing technique with a refined wire brushed texture each plank when assembled provides a wonderful blend of light and dark tones that creates an elegant a backdrop. Offered in a natural color palette Regency is sure to add a modern aesthetic to any interior. Exclusive to Mannington CraftedEdge technology creates a chiseled hand-crafted bevel found on todays most luxurious floors. Manningtons design team worked tirelessly to develop an industry leading technology which evolves our new wood designs to the next level of realism making our floors featuring CraftedEdge technology look like authentic hardwood.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 23.76
Total Price $142.32
Adura Max Regency Gilded Gold Manufacturer: Mannington Regency
Product: Adura Max Regency Gilded Gold
Application Type: Lock, Floating. On, Above, or Below Grade.
Size: 7″ X 48″
Thickness: 8mm

Sq.Ft./Ctn. 23.76

Ctn Weight: 49 Lbs.
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