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Adura Rigid Rectangles Riviera White Sand

$115.05 per Box

$4.69 Sq. Ft
Adura Rigid Rectangles Riviera White Sand incorporates natural materials into this style by bringing the outside indoors providing a unique way to enhance any interior by creating a sense of well-being while at the same time re-connecting with nature. Adura Rigid Rectangles Riviera White Sand is offered in a 12?x 24? rectangular format, Adura Rigid Rectangles Riviera White San is a naturally worn limestone that not only brings distinctive color variation and organic texture to the home, but adds a sense of calming, serenity to a room that?s not possible with any other material. Riviera?s rectified grout lines, matte chalk-like finish and beveled edge treatment effortlessly transforms this natural stone look into contemporary design statement creating well-balanced aesthetic ideal for today?s busy lifestyles.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 24.53
Total Price $115.05

Adura Rigid Rectangles Riviera White Sand

Manufacturer: Mannington Collection: Riviera Product: Adura Rigid Luxury Vinyl Tile Application Type: Lock, Floating. On, Above, or Below Grade. Size: 12″ X 24″ Thickness: 5.5mm Look: Stone $4.69 Pcs Per Carton: 12 Ctn Weight: 43.6 Lbs. SKU: RRP470
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