*** NOTE: For shipping on all orders outside Wisconsin please, allow 3-12 business days. ***
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Thank you for shopping Hassle-Free Flooring.

We want to give you the easiest most enjoyable online shopping experience as possible. This also includes getting your selection to your door in an easy and efficient manner.  Depending on where you live in Wisconsin the shipping time will vary from two to three business days to as many as seven business days when material is in stock.

Delivery Using The “Ship To Terminal” Option

To save even more on Shipping AND get your flooring faster, select the “Ship to Terminal” option at checkout

  1. When you order using “Ship to Terminal” option, your order will be delivered to the shipping facility nearest to your designated “Ship To” address.
  2. You will be notified after order processing where the nearest facility is for your location and an estimated delivery time.
  3. You will receive notification when your shipment is available for pickup, the address of the nearest facility, and operating hours for your facility.

Here is what to expect when we are delivering your product.

  1. You will be notified of our delivery 24- 48 hours prior to delivery by the carrier. They will contact you using the phone number you provided during checkout.
  2. The carrier will ask you for the most convenient time to schedule your delivery and they will try to deliver within a three to four hour window of the desired time.
  3. The delivery team will arrive and assist you in unloading your product for curbside delivery.
  4. Please be sure to inspect all packages for broken or damaged pieces. If any are found please make note of this on the invoice the driver will ask you to sign.
  1. ***NOTE*** If any damage has been found DO NOT reject your delivery. This will further delay our ability to replace the damaged products. Please follow the instructions found on our Damages Policy Page.

That’s it!

We strive to be friendly, fast, and efficient because that is hassle-free for everyone!