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Mannington Adura® Max Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

If you have an upcoming flooring project or renovation, one of the primary decisions you make that will affect your project for years to come will be your choice of flooring. With all the available options it can be a tough decision finding the best choice, especially when materials costs will probably add up into the thousands for your project. Tile, Laminate, Engineered or Solid Hardwood are all great choices, but with recent advances in flooring technology, one option that is becoming more attractive daily is Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Tile & Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank.
Mannington Adura Max LVT DIY
Mannington Adura Max Margate Waterfront
So why would you choose Waterproof Luxury Vinyl over wood or porcelain tile? Well for a number of reasons. COST: If you’re looking for a wood or natural stone look, LVT/LVP can be a great deal cheaper than the real thing both in terms of materials costs and installation, with potential savings in the thousands. COMFORT: LVT/LVP is softer and warmer on the feet than tile, as well as being quieter and more slip resistant. PERFORMANCE: For many of our customers, for rooms with high traffic or where moisture in a problem – bathrooms, kitchens, mudroom – Waterproof LVT and LVP is an excellent high-performance flooring choice.

At HassleFree we think that one of the best products on the market today is Adura® Max by Mannington.

Anatomy of Adura® Max Luxury Vinyl Plank

Anatomy of Mannington Adura Max


The flooring industry has made amazing strides in the past few years, creating new flooring products that are both amazingly realistic in appearance as well as highly durable and very low-mantenance. Mannington’s proprietary NatureForm Optix™ process uses the latest advances in printing texturing and finishing to create some truly beautiful finishes and textures.

Available in wide array of traditional wood looks such as hickory and maple, as well as rustics and contemporary distressed looks, all the way to exotics and modern tiles, Adura® Max offers a variety of styles that work well with both traditional and comtemporary design trends.

On each plank, the Micro-beveled edge creates an angled effect where boards meet to create more depth and dimension

Mannington Adura Max Dockside Driftwood

Mannington Adura Max Scratch-Resistant Flooring

Scratch Resistance & Durability

For overall durability and longevity, Adura® Max products are truly hard to beat. When you’re talking scratch resistance, we believe Adura® Max is going to win hands down compared to any other product on the market.

All Adura® Max Products feature Mannington’s patented ScratchResist™ technology, Mannington’s Aluminum Oxide performance coating which provides exceptional resistance to normal everyday wear-and-tear and household scratches. They are the only company out there who can have this finish on EVP because they hold the patient on the process. Rating scratch resistance on a scale of 1 to 10, Adura® Max comes in at a 9 where standard UV cured urethane (COREtec) comes in at a 4 or below. This will keep your floors looking newer, longer. Also, Adura® Max’s HydroLoc core is a higher density core than others on the market. This mean it is less susceptible to dings and dents.

Moisture Resistance

For water-resistance and resistance to swelling and cupping like hardwood and laminate flooring, LVT and LPV are obvious choice anyplace in your home where moisture can be an issue. With top layers of plasticized PVC and PVC print film, fused to Mannington’s exclusive HydroLoc® 100% waterproof core made of blown PVC and limestone, with the attached pad of cross-linked polyethylene foam, Adura® Max is 100% water-proof and completely impervious to moisture and spills.

Also, the Adura® Max premium LockSolid™ locking system is waterproof just like the flooring itself, so when spills do happen, the moisture will not seep down to your sub-floor.

Mannington Adura Max Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

Mannington Adura Max Ultra-Quiet Padding
Sound Solutions

Adura® Max features Mannington’s premium Ultra-Quiet™ attached pad. Ultra-Quiet™ provides superior sound reduction and also provides a nice cushion for greater comfort underfoot.

A closed cell polyethylene attached pad, Ultra-Quiet™ gives Adura® Max a IIC Sound rating of 72, compared to the traditional cork backing which has a IIC rating of 65. This can be very helpful feature in rental and investment property applications where sound abatement is desirable.


Adura® Max products all use Mannington’s patented LockSolid™ technology, a proprietary and patent-pending tongue-and-groove locking system that makes installation simple and easy. This lock-and-fold design has been time-tested to provide great stability and durability to your installation.

Although Mannington recommends using professional installers for the best long-term performance of any of their flooring products, the ease of installation with these lock and fold planks and tiles make this a perfect DIY project well within the reach of the most homeowners who feel up to the task.

With just a few simple tools, and instructions in hand, the average DIY homeowner can save potentially thousands of dollars on installation.

Mannington Adura Max LockSolid Technology


Mannington Adura Max Ultra-Quiet Padding

With recent items in the news regarding formaldehyde and other contaminants in some imported wood-based flooring products, many of our customers ask about the safety of different lines of flooring we carry. Mannington responded quickly to these concerns. The entire line of Adura® and Adura® Max products are all 100% FloorScore® certified and comply to strict indoor air-quality standards. A FloorScore®  certification verifies that flooring and adhesive products have been tested and approved by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute  (RFCI) in conjunction with scientific certification systems for contributing to good indoor air quality

Adura® Floors offer superior indoor air quality and easy, chemical-free cleaning. – Adura Max won’t trap dust, pet dander and other allergens, and most spills clean up with gentle soap and water


For Industry-Best Pricing as well as detailed information on Hasslefree Flooring’s rock-bottom shipping rates, check out our Mannington pages at HassleFree Adura Max®


Mannington warranties it Adura Max line with a limited lifetime warranty to be free of manufacturing defects, under normal household conditions. They also provide a 10-year limited warranty for light commercial use.

For detailed warranty information, visit the manufacturors website at Mannington.com

Mannington Adura® Max Aspen Alpine

Mannington Adura® Max Aspen Alpine

Mannington Adura® Max Aspen Lodge

Mannington Adura® Max Aspen Lodge

Mannington Adura® Max Dockside Boardwalk

Mannington Adura® Max Dockside Boardwalk

Mannington Adura® Max Dockside SeaShell

Mannington Adura® Max Dockside SeaShell

Mannington Adura® Max Margate Waterfront

Mannington Adura® Max Margate Waterfront

Mannington Adura® Max Sausalito Bridgeway

Mannington Adura® Max Sausalito Bridgeway

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